Woo Hoo…. the Reverend and the Makers album is finally out today.

I got mine on pre-order of course and it’s great to hear some of the demo’s I’ve been enjoying for 18 months turned into fully mastered tracks.  I did notice that John had changed the lyrics of the second verse of the title track "The State of Things", which is a little strange, but doesn’t make it lose anything.

I have to say it gives me a really warm feeling that a band I’ve been championing for 18 months have finally made it. Not that I’m saying I had anything to do with their success – that’s down to John’s genious and the bands amazing performances.  No, it’s just great to know I was right: these guys are made for greatness. Sad thing is, I can probably not play their music any more, as they’ll not be podsafe anymore. Shame, but I’ll let the mainstream DJ’s take over and spread the love.

Did I her you say you’ve not bought the album yet?  Then do so…. and do it now!  You’ll not be disappointed!