Los Campesinos

Had a great evening on Monday night at a gig to see "Attack and Defend", "You Say Party! We Say Die!" and….."Los Campesinos", which I’d been looking forward to for some time. Tooke the kids with me, and although it was not really my son’s thing… it was live and it was free and Komedia is a great venue in Brighton.

Great set by all the bands, although the Lead singer of LC, Gareth, did say that the Glokenspiel had been damaged by a stage invastion the previous night in Birmingham and the "B" key was sounding a bit flat.  Needsless to say by the end of the evening the Glokenspiel had hit the deck and was in pieces. I hope they managed to buy a new one before their Lonfon performance, when my podcasting mate Rowley Cutler, of Dark Compass, was due to see them!