Asian Dub FoundationNew Young Pony Club

Spotted that both "New Young Pony Club" and "Asian Dub Foundation" are playing at Concorde2 down in Brighton in the week commencing 12th November. Very pleased to say that I managed to get tickets for both concerts. I’m going to NYPC with my daughter and she’s very excited indeed! Of course this means I do need to listen to the album slightly more!

I’ll be going to see ADF with my son. We were going to go and see them in Brighton during their last UK tour, which was way back in 2005 when their album "Tank" came out, but it conflicted with a family holiday. Since then I pretty much thought the band has disbanded. I know Dr Das was doing his own thing, so I’ve really no idea who’s going to be in the band on the night. Neverthless they seem to have a "best of" album coming out soon, so maybe new life in the bandf yet. Most excellent!