Asian Dub Foundation

I have to say, both my son, Mikey, and I, were really excited in going to see Asian Dub Foundation live at Concorde2 in Brighton, yesterday.  We’d really wanted to see then in 2005 when their last album "Tank" came out, but we’d been on holiday in the US at that time. After that, I’d pretty much given up on the band playing live in the UK again, and then out of the blue they play at C2!

We got straight to the stage barrier and started surveying equipment when we arrived. Apart from the massive (and I mean MASSIVE) sub-woofer at the back of the hall (which was excercising my chest muscles without me even trying) the first thing we spotted was a right-handed bass guitar. So, it was true – the left handed Dr Das – was no longer going to be playing with the band. We thought as much, but still a shame.  Then Mikey made a bigger discovery – where was the drum kit?  So, no Rocky Singh, either. Things were looking bad, but let’s wait and see.

No support and straight into the band with excellent soundsystem provided by Sun-J, who managed remakably well without Rocky, in producing a fantastic sound. Then came guitarist, Chandrasonic and the new bass player, the two rappers, the scary, scary Ghetto Priest and one bloody amazing Dhol and Tabla player, Cyber. I’ve never seen a dhol being played live, up close and personal before, and it was truly amazing. They played all the top choons – "Rise", "Fortress", "flyover", "oil" and "warring dhol", but despite it being on the setlist, no "enemy of the enemy".

Throwing caution to the wind, we bounced and danced, sang and bounced some more. Some of it may be on tape, as, next to me, was the bands official video camera lady. Look out for the 40-something white guy with no hair, joined by a rather hairier, rather more junior version. Cogle and Cogle. United!

Keep banging on the walls of fortress Brighton!