Duty Manager

OK so there’s been two occasions in the past when I’ve been the Duty Manager for "you know who" and it’s been a breeze. No one called me, the phone never rang and the (liitle) extra in the monthly paypacket was cool. Third time unlucky!

Considering I’ve worked for American firms for 23 out of my 25 working years, you would have thought I’d spotted I was duty manager duting Thanksgiving… you know, that time when all the Americans go on holiday and leave the rest of the world to pick up the mess?  Well, duh! I didn’t, and the phone has been hot.

And don’t you just love those middle eastern customers who call on Thursday, are unavailable on Friday and expect everyone in Europe to work on Sunday? Oh yeah…. do your duty…. enjoy your turkey… I have a nice slice of humble pie waiting for you!