Il Duomo, Milan

Been a while since my last blog, and oh boy, what a week.  As mentioned, the "on-call" rota caught me by surprise last weekend and I was on-call during the US Thanksgiving vacation. Well, I’d like to give thanks it’s over and I’m sure the poor folk who actually seemed to be working 24×7 will be too. 

Wednesday had a promosing, bur rather tiring start at 4:30am with a journey to Heathrow and on to Milan by 11am (local time). So far so good, but then during lunch I did feel rather queasy and, after a short to talk to God on the big white telephone I was the proud possessor of a red eye. Petecial Heamorrhaging they call it in CSI, which can be brought on by strangulation.  Guess what… it can be brought on by yodelling as well!

So, imaging the slights and sounds of Milan. Il Duomo (above) and the sound of thousands of excitable Italians ordering anti-pasti, pizza and expresso.  Well all I heard was the sound of BBC World Service (putting news first…) and unintelligible Italian quix shows before I drifted off. And then……. a text from the missus saying that following a power cut the broadband was not working at home and was I up for a bit of technical support with my son.  Why yes dear…. I’d love to.

Anyway, got the broadband sorted, sorted out a new plan for our department at work and back in time for tea!

This weekend will be podcasting, surfing and chilling with the odd nap thrown in (one nap down by the time I write this!) which is the perfect weekend for me. Almost Christmas and 10 days off……