Been a weekend of two halves so far. Firstly the terrible weather on friday night ripped the felting off the shed roof, so DIY Dad (not seen round these parts recently) came to the rescue and I was up on the roof sticking and tacking down a new one by tea time!

More interestingly I finally got myself a proper mixer and mic for the "studio".Mixer is a behringer 1204FX which is a bit over the top for my current needs, but better to "think big" I reckon. The mix is the "podcast standard" Samson C-3 and I’ve got a pop-guard and stand to make life a little easier.

Still using "PodProducer" for the actualy podcasting and still using the min-jack as input (rather than USB or firewire) but maybe this will change over time.

Still got some of the weekend left, which I will be spending (a) ironing (deep joy) and (b) as roadie for my son and his drum kit. Lookout Horsham- here we come!