PCP{2} Episode #5… World Beats…

  1. From The Other Side (Z Drugiej Strony), by Piter. Torun, Poland.
  2. Powrot Do Korzeni, by Rudmain. Poland. [Jamendo]
  3. Che, by MNO. Paris, France. [Promonet]
  4. Hegelia, by Kesakoo. Gap, France. [Jamendo]
  5. Electric Butterfly, by Falik. USA. [Magnatune]
  6. Mysterious Night In, by Solaris. Northampon, England. [Jamendo]
  7. Saptak (Samya Mix), by DJ Cary. San Francisco, California, USA. [Magnatune]
  8. Grooving, by Rosswell Dub. Lariviere, France. [Jamendo]
  9. When World’s Collide, by Alien Chatter. USA. [Promonet]
  10. Ecris Moi, by Maya De Luna (feat. Arietys). Lyon, France. [Jamendo]

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All the artists featured on this podcast have had permission given for me to play their work.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike2.5 License.