Ambience…. with tracks by … Xenoton, Eisenlager, Siegfried Grundmann, Ansgar Stock, UnSuB, Getdizzzy, Jaime Munarriz, Abjective, Mixtaped Monk, Kellerkind Berlin

  1. Barri Gotici, by Xenoton. Germany. [tonAtom]
  2. Special Order (Mikrobiologische Aspekte ReMix), by Eisenlager With Siegfried Grundmann.Germany. [Studio 4632]
  3. Jedi Cruiser 188, by Ansgar Stock. Osnabrück, Germany. [Aural Films] – composed in 2016 when 7 years old
  4. Protomania, by UnSuB. UK. [Angel Dust Records]
  5. Mo, By Getdizzzy. Mexico. [Breathe Compilations]
  6. EraserEars GraduationDay, by Jaime Munarriz. Spain. [Exp-Net]
  7. Black Opal, by Abjective. Saint Petersburg, Russia. [tonAtom]
  8. Anticipation, by Mixtaped Monk. India. [Studio 4632]
  9. In Gedanken, by Kellerkind Berlin. Kissing, Germany. [Aural Films]

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