I can see you’re having a tough time at the moment. I’m not surprised considering all you’ve been put through throughout your life. You didn’t want to grow up in the spotlight. No-one chooses who they’re born to, and you’re no different.

Watching your parents’ divorce was hard, as it is for many children. Then to lose your mother so early, and in such a horrific way didn’t help things. Then being forced to walk behind her coffin in full glare of the public, because your Father expected it, was cruel. Watching your Father then marry the woman who broke up your parent’s marriage must have hurt like hell.

Nevertheless things have turned out alright in some ways. You have a beautiful wife and baby a lot of people love you. But you and Meghan knew the British press would elevate and then eviscerate you. That’s what they do. It’s cruel and unfair for anyone who’s remotely a “celebrity”. I want it to stop, like you do.

You say your Brother is on “another path”. That was always the way. There is no way you’re going to be a King. He will also be under terrible stress as will his wife and children. But you don’t need to accept it.

So why are you putting yourself through this? You don’t need to. Meghan has enough money to keep you in a comfortable life. You don’t need the civil list. You don’t need to spend millions of pounds of the country’s money flying around the world hounded by the paparazzi.

Think of your own mental health, and that of your wife and child. Give up on this foolish “duty” that your Grandmother and Father have instilled into you. Do what needs to be done. Resign from the Royal family and move away to America, Africa or somewhere away from the British press. They will follow you at first, but then they will eventually forget you. You will be free to live your own life.

Do what normal people do. Get a normal job. Fly a helicopter again. Save lives in search and rescue. Become the head of a charity. Your CV is impressive. You’ll have no shortage of job offers.

For the sake of your own sanity, walk away.