This week the Radio Times promised us a review of The 20 Best Podcasts of 2019.  Yay!! I thought. Let’s see who’s made it to the ears of the judges!

Not a simple music-oriented podcast made it to the list.  All were “professionally” produced podcasts by celebrities, sports people, comedians or journalists, who have clearly spotted that commissioning a podcast is a lot cheaper (and quicker) than commissioning a Radio or TV series .

This is where podcasting is these days.  Every celebrity is a podcaster.  My wife and always smile when a new podcast is announced on the TV.

“Oh really?  A Podcast?  Tho’d have thunk it?”

Podcasting is no-longer the purview of the passionate amateur who does it for the love of their topic.  Or rather it still is their purview, but they are completely drowned out by the sheer quantity of podcasts produced by “mainstream” antertainment people we already know.

I know it sounds like sour-grapes when I whinge about podcasts.  The award I won for podcasting was back in 2010 and the podisphere has changed a lot since then.  I never expected to win anything then, and I certainly have no chance now.  But I’m not whinging about me, I’m whinging that there are some serious good Podcasts out there that deserve to be discovered by a wider audience.

Surely the Radio Times reviewer could have spent just a little more time digging into the “independent” podcasts that are out there, and have been out there for years.

I guess I’m going to have to start my own review……