Troubled Water…with tracks by… The Wrong Sister, Tunnelvisions, The Dead Amigos, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Krude Mischung, Kolya Manyu, Deserved, Chump Change, Sedo, Dadala, Zoungla, Braincoat, Agomi, Dub Cmd, Inaequalis.

  1. Dilemma, by The Wrong Sister. France. [Bandcamp]
  2. Rain Dance, by Tunnelvisions. Amsterdam, Netherlands. [Atomnation]
  3. Hold Out, by The Dead Amigos. Melbourne, Australia [Bandcamp]
  4. Uruk, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. The Cronx, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  5. Dealer, by Krude Mischung/Kielobot. Göppingen, Germany. [Music Brause]
  6. Everyday, by Kolya Manyu. Tolyatti, Russian Federation. [Fusion Records]
  7. Footage (feat. Deserved), by Chump Change. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. [Yarn Audio]
  8. Dark Pool, by Sedo. UK. [Skalator Music]
  9. Dwfttw, by Dadala. USA. [Pan y Rosas Discos]
  10. Homage To The Dub Masters, by Zoungla.Montreal, Québec, Canada. [Ektoplazm]
  11. Make Believe (feat. Braincoat), by Agomi. Bay Area, California, USA. [Lost Frog]
  12. Cycle Dub, by Dub_Cmd. North East, UK. [Bandcamp]
  13. Crash, by Inaequalis. [Classwar Karaoke]

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