1. About You (Kimi No Koto), by A Melting Mood. Tokyo, Japan. [Anotraks]
  2. Incomplete Kisses, by Fm Outt. Novosibirsk, Russian Federation. [Secuenciast Emporales]
  3. Afrika, by GNL Zambas. Zambia. [StoryAmp]
  4. Cumamo Bivalemo (Umoja Edit), by Africa Negra. São Tomé and Príncipe, Africa.[Mawimbi Records]
  5. Dodgy Fella, by Ojibo Afrobeat. Vilnius, Lithuania. [NYP Records]
  6. Ataara, by Balaphonics feat. Moriba Diabaté[MaAuLa Records]
  7. Afa-doza, by Modeste Hugues and Kilema. Madagascar. [StoryAmp]
  8. Animal Desire (feat. Marya Szaur), by Rorschack. San Francisco, California, USA. [Jumpsuit Records]
  9. Koran (Remix), by Zoltan Sultan. London, England. [Dub Mates Meeting] [Ektoplazm]
  10. The Cimmerian, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. The Cronx, England. [Broken Drum Records]
  11. Emta Njawzak Yamma, by Dam. Palestine.
  12. Eastern Ground, by Radio Byzance. Alban, France. [ODG]
  13. Take My Job Away (feat. Robby Megabyte), by Dubioza Kolektiv. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  14. Mother Earth (feat. Don Camilo & Miss Saravan), by Dub AddictionPhnom Penh, Cambodia. [Bandcamp]
  15. It Hurts, by Resina. Rome, Italy. [Strato Dischi]
  16. Warda, by Ondubground. Tours, France. [ODG]
  17. Harmonium Remix, by Psychoz. Germany. [Ethno Works Vol. 1] [SubBass]
  18. Banco, by Dubanko Woody Vibes. Lyon, France. [ODG]
  19. Lik It Bak, by DJ Die. Bristol, England. [GutterFunk]
  20. Fusion Full, by Lantriperc. Gibraltar. [Sociopath Recordings]
  21. Frankie S, by  Olympic. Santiago, Chile. [MIST] Santiago, Chile.
  22. Rain Dance, by Tunnelvisions. Amsterdam, Netherlands. [Atomnation]
  23. Jingo (Jmmstr Edit), by Jmmstr. Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Netherlands. [Spa In Disco]
  24. Go Bang, by SideprojectReykjavík, Iceland.  [Post-Dreifing]
  25. New Monsoon, by Hynamo. Australia. [Digital Diamonds] Germany.
  26. Together, by CodesAndNotes[Bandcamp]
  27. Get Centred, by Joe. London, England. [Comeme] Berlin, Germany.
  28. Mango Relentless, by Soundz CollectivE. London, England. [Bandcamp]
  29. Angelita (feat. Nitty Scott & Ryan Herr), by The Polish AmbassadorSan Francisco, California, USA. [Jumpsuit Records]
  30. Tree Of Life (959er Remix), by FIELDY. Germany. [Tree Of Life EP] [Digital Diamonds]
  31. Grisalla, by Garay Palma. Chile. [Dusted Wax Kingdom]
  32. Still Steel, by I Neurologici. Rome, Italy. [Strato Dischi]

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