Podcastodecahedron…with tracks by…Richey Hackett, Prontaxan, Abyssal Plains, Kitka, Ow Triple Bang, The Prettybads, Kanz, Emily, Caballero, Ultramerda, E110, Dvidevat, Sooski & Lee Rosevere, The White Witch, Mono o Estereo, Oudviber

  1. Richey Hackett – Sleepswitch [Vulpiano Records] [USA]
  2. Prontaxan – Kekuasaan [Yes No Wave] [Indonesia]
  3. Abyssal Plains – Into The Rainbow [Khavi] [Finland]
  4. Kitka – Our Melody (Ilya Id remix) [MNMN] [Russia]
  5. Ow Triple Bang – Another Lifetime [Blocsonic] [USA]
  6. The Prettybads – Fifteen Years Later [Zap Records] [UK]
  7. Kanz – Eden’s Whales [Mahorka]  [Bulgaria]
  8. Emily – The Club [Cockatiel] [USA]
  9. Caballero – Soul Sparkle (Aleckat Remix) [Digital Diamonds] [Germany]
  10. Ultramerda – Sensual party (dance dance dance) [Nacion Libre] [Italy]
  11. E110 – Soroka 1 [Odrex] [Germany]
  12. Dvidevat- PSH [Kamizdat] [Slovenia]
  13. Sooski & Lee Rosevere – Too Much Too Little (2am remix) [Lee Rosevere] [Canada]
  14. The White Witch – Ghost Kicks [Cowshed Records] [Poland]
  15. Mono o Estereo – Iguales Distintos (Vigliensoni  Phasing Mix) [Pueblo Nuevo] [Chile]
  16. Oudviber – Urban Oasis [SUBBASS]

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