Badgers Ate The Sweetcorn…with tracks by…Louis Lingg And The Bombs, Deyarko, Fadhilee Itulya, Klarius, Sensual Physics, Kingston Express, Namgar, BradfordRiots, Nyctophiliac, Colonel Hentonar, Sathurnus, Visionary Underground, Nirso

  1. Louis Lingg And The Bombs – No Joke [Blocsonic]
  2. Deyarko – Snap Remix [Bobz House]
  3. Fadhilee Itulya – Pombe [StoryAmp]
  4. Klarius – The Alchemist [Innunct Music]
  5. Sensual Physics – Futurology (Pablo Bolivar Remake) [Seven Villas Music]
  6. Kingston Express – Silver Gold (feat. Longfingah) [RDX Promo]
  7. Namgar – Tokhoi zandan emeelee [StoryAmp]
  8. BradfordRiots – Totally Underground [Sub65 Media]
  9. Nyctophiliac – Lxve [Dusted Wax Kingdom]
  10. Colonel Hentonar – Blue Stone [Gorge.In]
  11. Sathurnus – Lack of Expression [Krad Collective]
  12. Visionary Underground –  State Of Mind
  13. Nirso – La Frigia [Tropical Twista Records]

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