Deep Joy…with tracks by…Opus Kink, Louis Lingg and The Bombs, Hajna, Fayssal Naceur, English Teacher, Vixenvy, Bob Vylan, Xique-Xique, HabooDubz, Iliaque, NewDad, PhoniandFlore, Roots Zombie, Adrian Pricope, Vasile Rus, Black Market, Wise Owl, Dub Robot

  1. Opus Kink – Wild Bill [Bandcamp]
  2. Louis Lingg and The Bombs – No Joke (American Pop Remix by Patron)
  3. Hajna (feat. Fayssal Naceur) – Caravan [Shika Shika]
  4. English Teacher – R&B [Bandcamp]
  5. Vixenvy – Nichiyo [Lost Frog]
  6. Bob Vylan – We Live Here [Bandcamp]
  7. Xique-Xique – De Repente [Tropical Twista Records]
  8. HabooDubz – Lemon Nectar [Culture Dubs]
  9. Iliaque – Un monde de mensonges [Bandcamp]
  10. NewDad – Blue [Bandcamp]
  11. PhoniandFlore – Pantera Jungle (Remix by Roots Zombie) [Maree Bass]
  12. Adrian Pricope (feat. Vasile Rus) – Doina Aradeana [Luna The Cat]
  13. Black Market (feat. Wise Owl & Dub Robot) – Young Americans [Black Market Dub]

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