Front Row Seat… with tracks by…The Fiends, Tribu Baharú, ABU & The Rhytm Partners, Adolf Plays The Jazz, Claudia Colom, Hoodna Orchestra, Lapkricio Dvidesimtosios Orkestras, Lord Vadher, New Blade Runners Of Dub, Paul Zasky, Périsélène, Wanubal‚, New Asia, Infractus

  1. The Fiends – Why’s It So Liberating [Puffer Fish Press]
  2. Tribu Baharú – Baharulogía [NYP Records]
  3. ABU & The Rhytm Partners – Love Is Gonna Pack Up (and walk out)
  4. Adolf Plays The Jazz – We Can’t Lose [Bandcamp]
  5. Claudia Colom – L’espantacriatures [StoryAmp]
  6. Hoodna Orchestra – Alem Alem [Agogo Records]
  7. Lapkricio Dvidesimtosios Orkestras – Darkwebo freelanceriai
  8. Lord Vadher – Step Up [Svaha Sound Records]
  9. New Blade Runners Of Dub – Fly Me To The Moon (feat. Paul Zasky) (Beta Fish Remix) [RDX Promo]
  10. Périsélène – Orage [La Souterraine]
  11. Wanubal –  Stange Heat (Dub Version) [Agogo Records]
  12. New Asia – Topshuur [StoryAmp]
  13. Infractus – No Heads [Sound Rising Records]

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