That’s Not  A Christmas Jumper… Its Jimmi F*cking Hendrix…… with tracks by…Gretel Hanlyn, Punk dISCO, Krestovsky, Car Boot Sale, Automotion, Eishan Ensemble, Le Lab, Tawam , Prima Queen, The Heavy Heavy, Minami Deutsch, Vika Orline, Mute vs Canc3r, OneShot

  1. Gretel Hanlyn – Motorbike
  2. Punk dISCO – Bleach Scented Skin [Lucida Records]
  3. Krestovsky – Faux Nouveau Chateau [Bandcamp]
  4. Car Boot Sale – Headhouse
  5. Automotion – Flight Of The Screaming Baboon
  6. Eishan Ensemble – Black And White [Art As Catharsis]
  7. Le Lab – Zion Steppin feat. Tawam [Culture Dub]
  8. Prima Queen – Eclipse
  9. The Heavy Heavy – Miles and Miles
  10. Minami Deutsch – Tunnel
  11. Vika Orline – Partir en ‚t‚ [La Souterraine]
  12. Mute vs Canc3r – Pushed Away [dot9]
  13. OneShot – Storms Eyewall [Digital Diamonds]

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