Can AI DJ’s catch colds?…with tracks by… Dirty Laces, Buncheong, Sumac Dub, The Maucals, The Window View, Popiq, Nichenka Zoryana, Seed Organization, Dangerman, Preen, Depresion Tropical, Fountain of Tears, Soursop, Dubanko, Janax Pacha

  1. Dirty Laces – Seeker [Puffer Fish Press]
  2. Buncheong – Sur les Nerfs (On Edge) [La Souterraine]
  3. Sumac Dub & The Maucals – First Thing [ODG]
  4. The Window View – Sunset Paradise [Muso Soup]
  5. Popiq –  Ctrl [Inunct Music]
  6. Nichenka Zoryana – Rubix [Sound Rising Records]
  7. Seed Organization – Whagwan (feat. Dangerman) [RDX Promo]
  8. Preen – By Now [Muso Soup]
  9. Depresion Tropical – Amanecido Em Cardiff [Tropical Twister Records]
  10. Fountain of Tears – Kingly Feast [King of Empty Hands]
  11. Soursop – Dominanta [Muso Soup]
  12. Dubanko – At the other end [ODG]
  13. Janax Pacha – Yokha [Bandcamp]

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