Smash… with tracks by…0rionnn, Blackie Blue Bird, Bakû, Ramiya, Sharon Tate, Rebel Control, Curious Inversions, Neon Egypt, Various Artists, Various Artists, Various Artists, Mr Ponx, Zabaa, Nature of Wires, Machina X, Grandfather Gold

  1. 0rionnn – Childhood Memories [Lost Frog]
  2. Blackie Blue Bird – Flying too close to the ground [Anemos Promotions]
  3. Bakû (feat. Ramiya) – Hottie [ODG]
  4. Sharon Tate – Moi penser [La Souterraine]
  5. Rebel Control – Scare Dem
  6. Curious Inversions – Thread on the water [Retrospective 2014]
  7. Neon Egypt – Passage To Djibouti [Retrospective 2006]
  8. Various Artists – Consciencia [KaZantip]  [Speedsound]
  9. Various Artists – Smash Mood [KaZantip]  [Speedsound]
  10. Various Artists – Beograd (Ragga Extended Remix) [KaZantip]  [Speedsound]
  11. Mr Ponx (feat. Zabaa) – Zabaa da vida [Subsquad Prod]
  12. Nature of Wires and Machina X – Static Icons [Puffer Fish Press]
  13. Grandfather Gold – Anatomy of an Early Moon [Jumpsuit Records]

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