October Mixcloud

My October “additional” mix is now available from mixcloud and petecogle.com…..  Hope you enjoy it!


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Rolling.fm – In Dub We Trust!

One of my listeners contacted me yesterday to tell me of a new website he thought I might be interested in: rolling.fm.  It’s a virtual party based in which you can listen to DJs, become a DJ yourself or share the decks with your friends.

Having listened to a few people DJ in Second Life I was quite interested, but it’s the collaborative aspect that makes this much cooler, plus there’s no need to use a costly server (such as shoutcast or the like) as all the tracks are uploaded in advance and played from the site directly.

There’s also a chat room, the opportunity to pimp your avatar and the ability to send someone a virtual drink. Needless to say I think this is very cool.

So, why not head down to the “In Dub We Trust” room (setup by RussDaFari, my listener, based on the East Coast of the US) and checkout our dubs, join in and enjoy the party.  You’ll find me hiding under the DJ pseudonym “Audacious P Dubdaddy

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Delhi 2 Dubland EP

I downloaded this curious mix of Irish, Bhangra & Reggae beats from bandcamp yesterday, thanks to a recommendation from Dubmatix. It’s awesome, and for £3 (that’s CAD$5, US$4.75 or EUR 3.56) it’s a steal!

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PCP#369… Shades Of Grey…

with tracks by …  Opa!, Berlin Black and the Shades of Grey, Natty, M!R!M, Dubmatix, Nobless Oblige, Vlada Tomova, Lola Dutronic, Hopelesss Local Marching Band, Blunt Instrument.

  1. Lottery, by Opa!. Russia. [Clinical Archives]
  2. The Only Ones, by Berlin Black and the Shades of Grey. York, England.
  3. JJ Don’t Go, by Natty. London, England.
  4. Sailor’s Promises, by M!R!M. Italy. [AF-Music]
  5. Happy (feat. Tippa Irie), by Dubmatix. Canada. [Dubmatix]
  6. Beck and Call, by Nobless Oblige. Berlin, Germany.
  7. Momche, by Vlada Tomova. Bulgaria. [Rock Paper Scissors]
  8. Cheree, by Lola Dutronic.Berlin, Germany & Toronto, Canada.
  9. If Things Don’t Seem To Be Going Well, by Hopelesss Local Marching Band. Japan.
  10. Settle Down (Drumstep Mix), by Blunt Instrument. Brisbane, Australia.  [Bandcamp]

Bedding music by Kaya Project Dodo

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License .

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