On Saturday 28th January, without warning, my account with Mevio was suspended.  It was working the day before, butI was locked out and all the feeds for all my podcasts were dead.  So far, all the MP3 files remain still in-situ and anyone using my feedburner feeds will find no interruption, but I can’t add any more shows to Mevio.

By Wednesday 1st February nothing has happened. Some reports suggest they’re working on the problem, but no-one has heard a thing from the company. Their customer support has always been a joke and this is no exception.

I’ve already moved H2Z and PCP over to an alternative service (archive.org) and will move DSZ and TDZ in the next few days.

Message to Mevio: It was the best of times, now it’s the worst of times.  It’s not my fault I don’t love you any more.  You don’t ring, you don’t write.  It’s over.  I’ve found someone else.