TDZ#161… Duberation…..

Duberation .. with tracks by… DU3normal, Leylo & Forestmind, Sonic Cube in Dub, Don Goliath, Titanik, Catalan Dub Foundation, CrudoBilbao Dubbers, Mexican Stepper, Hemisphere Dub, Sativa Dub Station, Jahvoice, Dziga, Dubmatix, Enzo Furiasse, The Dubbstyle.

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Checkout the podcasts

Whilst I’ve been taking a break after the end of PCP I’ve had a chance to sample a few other podcasts.

One of my favourites is the podcast series. It’s not available in iTunes, like normal podcasts, so you have to go to and download the various podcasts from there.  You can pick up the soundcloud rss feed: but this also includes other tracks as well as the podcast series.

I recommend you check it out.

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