Alternative Facts….with tracks by …Gassman, Laylah, I Neurologici, Chinese Man, Titus 12, Explosive Ear Candy, Dutilleul, Toto  La Momposina, MegaHast3r, Globular, Moss.

  1. Stop Buying, by Gassman.  Valparaíso, Chile. [Modismo]
  2. Mae Preta, by Laylah & I Neurologici. São Paulo, Brazil. [Strato Dischi]
  3. Stone Cold (feat. Mariama), by Chinese Man. France. [Chinese Man Records]
  4. Dat Wenda, by Titus12. Bristol. [Boomarm Nation]
  5. Like The Sun, by Explosive Ear Candy. Los Angeles, USA. [Jamendo]
  6. Like U, by Dutilleul. Tolouse, France. [Jamendo]
  7. Adios Fulana (Amen Style-RSD), by Toto  La Momposina. UK. [Dubmatix]
  8. Low Level Security (Part 2), by MegaHast3r. Barcelona, Spain. [Soisloscerdos]
  9. LUCA Unfolding, by Globular. Bristol, England. [Soundcloud]
  10. I Woke the Ghost, by Moss. Croydon, England. [Dubtribu]

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