PCP#537… In My Arms

In My Arms…with tracks by …Principe Valiente, Riot, Bebhionn, The Pocket Gods, Drunken Instrument Corporation, Jamie Stephan, Oxygenfad,  Rogue Emperor, Subhi, Batard Tronique.

  1. In My Arms, by Principe Valiente. Sweden. [AF Music]
  2. Destroyer, by Riot. Lisbon, Portugal. [Skalator Music]
  3. Dispersions, by Bebhionn. Spain. [Zimmer]
  4. Another Sunny Day, by The Pocket Gods. St. Albans, England.
  5. MyLittle, by Drunken Instrument Corporation. Saluzzo, Italy. [In Your Eyes]
  6. Widderchen, by Jamie Stephan. Erfurt, Germany. [Intox Noise]
  7. Breakcores Not Dead, by Oxygenfad. Canada. [Moron Labs]
  8. Holy Ghost, by Rogue Emperor. UK.
  9. Shaitaan Dil, by Subhi. New Delhi, India. [StoryAmp]
  10. Tekno Kozak, by Batard Tronique. France. [Paris Zombie]

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