PCP#820… A Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly…

A Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly……with tracks by…Yumi And The Weather, Felipe Harker, Julian Nates, Mauro Augugliaro, Sebastian Busto, B4, Blackie Blue Bird, Milo Korbenski, Helen Ganya, Abu Ama & BedouinDrone, Spermbankers, Akal Dub, Gurr, Faren Khan, Banco de Gaia, Rob Bong, Fields Ohio, Wonderflu

  1. Yumi And The Weather – Lead Me Through Hell [Bandcamp]
  2. Felipe Harker – Astral [Future Avenue]
  3. Julian Nates, Mauro Augugliaro – Alcyone [3rd Avenue]
  4. Sebastian Busto – The Clock [Sound Avenue]
  5. B4 – Prázdná místa [Poli5]
  6. Blackie Blue Bird – The Morning After [Anemos Promotions]
  7. Milo Korbenski – Home Time (feat. Helen Ganya) [Bandcamp]
  8. Abu Ama & BedouinDrone – Sabah [Mahorka]
  9. Spermbankers – Death Takes Us All [Poli5]
  10. Akal Dub – Awestruck feat. Lexington Keyz [Jumpsuit Records]
  11. Gurr – Walnuts [Retrospective 2017]
  12. Faren Khan – Devtedly Buoant at Abos [Retrospective 2008]
  13. Banco de Gaia – My Little Country (Rob Bong’s Roughs Tower Dub) [Explorations in Dub] [Disco Gecko Recordings]
  14. Fields Ohio – Nothing like a dystopian haze to give you hope for the future [Bandcamp]
  15. Wonderflu – Green Planet [Bandcamp]

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