1,2,3,4…….and counting!

Angel Dust Records has been in existance three months today. That’s the day I purchased the domain and started getting all the tracks together for the first release.  Three months later and today we release our 4th album. It’s been great fun, and I hope you get a chance to checkout the albums.

The big question is: who’s going to be the 5th release?  If you are interested in releasing music via creative commons license, then please get in contact. Email: angeldustrecords@gmail.com.

Various Artists – Dust Particles, Volume One

DuBoLoGy – Dub Lab

Friglob – Life is inna riddim

Mastermind XS – Reset All Systems


1,2,3,4…….and counting!2018-04-20T12:46:02+00:00

adr-002 and Tumblr too!

The second release from Angel Dust Records:

[adr-002] Dub Lab, by DuBoLoGy is now available to download directly from the Angel Dust Records website. Why not make your day (or someone else’s day) and give it a listen?

I’m also now posting from petecogle.com and angeldustrecords.com directly to petecogle.tumblr.com, so if that’s where you hang out, then why not come along and say Hi!

adr-002 and Tumblr too!2018-04-20T12:46:05+00:00
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