pcp r?tr?(?)’sp?kt?v #3… The Route East…

The second of a series of PCP restrospectives, looking back at more Easter influenced tracks from 2006 , featuring….MoShang, Ash Dargan, Alexander Blu, Satya, Notecrusher, Mr Tunes, HatHead, Smashed Toy, FunDaMental, Dragon Ritual Drummers, Hijera, Xfile, Aref Durvesh, The Flavor Foundation, Visionary Underground, Tangential Cold, The Warheads.

pcp r?tr?(?)'sp?kt?v #3... The Route East...
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  1. Dragonbeat, by MoShang.
  2. Universal Mind, by Ash Dargan.
  3. Concert, by Alexander Blu.
  4. Silk Route, by Satya.
  5. Animals Got Souls, by Notecrusher.
  6. Prison Break, by Mr Tunes.
  7. One For Joe, by HatHead.
  8. Do Computers Get Ill?, by Smashed Toy.
  9. Gold-burger, by FunDaMental.
  10. The Golden Age, by Dragon Ritual Drummers.
  11. Close, by Hijera.
  12. Shen Sha (Xfile Remix), by Aref Durvesh.
  13. The Journey Within, by The Flavor Foundation.
  14. Under Ya Turban, by Visionary Underground.
  15. Latino Chino, by Tangential Cold.
  16. From Her Voice, by The Warheads.

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