PCP#446… Tickeridge Music Festival!

PCP#446... Tickeridge Music Festival!

Tickeridge Music Festival….. with tracks by…. Jovian, Andy Twyman, Hostage Hounds, History Boys, Zimbaremabwa, Stray Dogs, Van Susans, Propellors, Vinyl Chord.

  1. Jovian. East Grinstead, England.
  2. You Ain’t Fat, by Andy Twyman. East Grinstead, England.
  3. Interview with the festival impresario, James Warren.
  4. Haunted Life, by Hostage Hounds.
  5. Nice ‘n’ Sleezy, by The History Boys.
  6. Rega Kuchema, by Zimbaremabwe Mbira Vibes. Brighton, England.
  7. Amber, by Stray Dogs. Tunbridge Wells, England.
  8. Fireworks, by Van Susans. London, England.
  9. Midnight Kiss, by Propellors. London, England.
  10. High and Mighty, by Vinyl Chord. Crawley, England.

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