PCP#712… Sweet Tooth…..

Sweet Tooth…with tracks by…Slow Jane, Chebeen Teriya , Sub Conscious Dub, The Relax Co, Tha Bloc Repor,Pot-C, Louis Ling and The Bombs, Fukka, Leg Puppy, Chafouin, Sei Still, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Auto -Mates, David Schunk, Mr Doris, D-Funk, MysDiggi, English Teacher

  1. Slow Jane – He Said [Ultra Vague Recordings]
  2. Chebeen Teriya meets Sub Conscious Dub – Jeune Africain [Dubophonic]
  3. The Relax Co – You Left Your Heart In Bali [RDX Promo]
  4. Josh and Juliette from Louis Lingg and The Bombs on Tha Bloc Report #38 [Blocsonic]
  5. Louis Ling and The Bombs – Belly Up [Blocsonic]
  6. Fukka – Stare Stream [Lost frog]
  7. Leg Puppy – Sync Deal (Your song has not been selected) [Bandcamp]
  8. Chafouin – Pas trop vite [Do It Youssef]
  9. Sei Still – Blumenkriege [Bandcamp]
  10. Secret Archives of the Vatican – Hjarta Slær Hægt [Broken Drum Records]
  11. Auto -Mates – Orion Opens up at Dusk [Soundcloud]
  12. David Schunk-Hospitalet de Llobregat [Soundcloud]
  13. Mr Doris & D-Funk (feat. MysDiggi) – Cruise Control (Basement Freaks Vocal Mix)[RDX Promo]
  14. Mix 2 – High Step Society, Free Creatures – Sweet Tooth [Bandcamp]
  15. English Teacher – Wallace [Bandcamp]

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