Dubsalon – Durban Chamber [iD.068]

I first heard Dubsalon at ReggaeDubWise and immediately fell in love with his dub. When I heard from Volker, over at Id.EOLOGY that Dubsalon was making and album, and it would come out on the netlabel, I knew that would be something to look forward to.

That time has now come and Id.EOLOGY presents Durban Chamber: an 8-track album featuring some of the best dub you’ll hear coming out of Argentina.

There’s nothing minimal or dubtech going on here. It’s full-phat dub, from a master. As soon as you hear the driving bass of In A Dream, you know you’re going to be “in the zone” for the duration. Shifting Mood, lives up to it’s name by synthesing bleepy electronica, accordion and wobbly bass drops.

There are the typical dubby vocal samples spread through the album, but essentially the album is instrumental. Although staying true to dub throughout, Dubsalon plays with dubstep, downbeat, electronica and jazzy influences. Yes, there’s harmonica, yes there are bleeps and echos, but this is true “magpie music”, and every track brings in a new influence.

There’s a surprising lack of a Latin American feel, considering Dubsalon comes from Argentina. Not to say that it’s missing entirely, just subdued. By the time you get to the last track, From The Sea, there’s a definitely a “watery” vibe going on.

Not content with 8-tracks, the album also contains an additional 7-track mix put together by Saetchmo. He is of course is the resident DJ of the Berlin #tassebier posse from Kreuzberg Berlin’s Blogrebellen, with whom I had such a great time when I was last in the city. Not only that, but producer of the weekly Echochamber show, which is a must for all dub-heads.

So, have I said enough?  Have you downloaded the album yet and plugged it into your ears?  What are you waiting for?

[wpaudio url=”https://www.archive.org/download/PeteCogle/dubsalon-green_dub.mp3″ text=”Dubsalon – Green Dub”]

Link to Release Page

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Great night at #tassebier

Just two days after an excellent (but tiring) #podcrawl in London, I was fortunate enough to have another netaudio meetup in the shape of Berlin’s #tassebier meet ups. Started by Peter Withoutfield from BlogRebellen and organized through twitter this is a regular, informal meetup of bloggers, netlabelists, podcasters, musicians, promoters and other creative music people.

Listen out for some audio I recorded at both #podcrawl and #tassebier in next Saturday’s PCP (PCP#352 to be precise). There’s also a video interview recorded by Peter, of myself and Volker Tripp from the Id.EOLOGY netlabel, which will probably come out soon.

Very interesting ideas shared, especially about “#tassebier deluxe” which has bands and DJs playing.  “#podcrawl deluxe” sounds like a great idea for the UK……!

Great night at #tassebier2018-04-20T12:46:17+00:00
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