PCP#847… Magic Drum…Netlabel Day 2024 Part 1…

Magic Drum…Netlabel Day 2024 Part 1… with tracks by… Sun+Dead, Mizuoka Hana, Einschiss, Clemens Acidus, Secret Archives of the Vatican, Los Inconvenientes, Mental Health Consumer, Anemoia, Mr Hoosteen and Chello, Blackmod, Kadum, Piva, Abreu, Y-Dra, Gerry Joe Weise

  1. Sun+Dead – Magic Drum [Poli5]
  2. Mizuoka Hana – Someone’s Music [Lost Frog]
  3. Einschiss – Für Dich [Bandcamp]
  4. Clemens Acidus – Summer Sunrise [Kahvi Kollectiv]
  5. Secret Archives of the Vatican – Wicenga Dub [Broken Drum Records]
  6. Los Inconvenientes – Droga [Bandcamp]
  7. Mental Health Consumer – As Far As We Can See (New Clarity Remix) [Believe In Billy Records]
  8. Anemoia – System #1 [Nu Tiel Records]
  9. Mr Hoosteen and Chello – One Day (Filtré Remix) [OMEAC]
  10. Blackmod – Filler B.kr. Rmx (Bist RE-Rmx) [Noisybeat]
  11. Kadum (feat. Piva & Abreu) – Amanecer [Tropical Twista Records]
  12. Y-Dra- Horeg Sound Sistim [Yes No Wave]
  13. Gerry Joe Weise – Blue Concerto for Orchestra, slide guitar & violin [Contemporary ARC Australia]

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