A few of us podcasters have noticed that the Podsafe Music Network has been a bit flaky over the last few days. Now I’ve noted that some of the files for PCP have started disappearing momentarily, and then reappearing again.

Sorry if this is ruining your listening pleasure. I’ve already logged problem reports with the tech support folks at podshow, and, as usual their response is….

Your message is currently being printed out and strapped to the back of one of our well-trained ferrets. The ferret will then quickly and efficiently carry the message to our Mevio ticket router, a gorilla named Abe. Abe will then give your message to the appropriate operator in exchange for a banana and some yogurt snacks.

I don’t know how many times I’ve told them this is not a proper response from a company that is supposed to be "professional", but all they seem to have done is changed the name Podshow to Mevio. Great job guys! 

So, in the same spirit I offer the tech support folks this wisdom….

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