Prima Queen
Porridge Radio

Mutations Festival 2023 Part 1……with tracks by…Naima Bock, Someone, Trout, Bar Italia, CVC, Prima Queen, Unflirt, Genn, Philline Sonny, Peaness, Steve Mason, Porridge Radio, Public Service Broadcasting, Snaykx

Thursday 2nd November

  1. Naima Bock – Giant Palm [Latest Music Bar]
  2. Someone – Empathy [Patterns]
  3. Trout – Gutter  [Dust]
  4. Bar Italia – The World’s Greatest Emoter [Chalk]
  5. CVC – Good Morning Vietnam [Patterns]
  6. Prima Queen – Dylan [Chalk]
  7. Unflirt – Differently [The Hope and Ruin]
  8. Genn – Days and Nights  [The Hope and Ruin]

Friday 3rd November

  1. Philline Sonny – Same Light[Patterns]
  2. Peaness – IRL [Chalk]
  3. Steve Mason – Brothwes and Sisters [Chalk]
  4. Porridge Radio – Back To The Radio [Chalk]
  5. Public Service Broadcasting – Spitfire [Chalk]
  6. Snaykx – Better Days [The Hope and Ruin]

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