BBC Talk Twaddle About Podcasts

It makes me cross when people start talking about podcasts and mention “breakthroughs” in 2012 or 2014.  I’ve just read this article: How podcasts went from unlistenable to unmissable, by

Although factually reporting that it was Guardian reporter Ben Hammersley  who coined the phrase “Podcast” the article completely misses out the early interest and uptake of podcasts in the noughties.

Especially for the BBC it’s a shame that one of their own, Rowley Cutler, is so often ignored. Although Rowley’s Dark Compass is produced entirely independently of the BBC, he’s been working for them for many years, knows so much about the podosphere, being the UK’s longest running music podcaster, since 2004.

Then there’s Adam Curry, the man who invented the first podcatcher, and who went on to co-create the first podcast-focused media company Podshow (later Mevio) and pioneered the use of the Podsafe Music Network.  All of these facts ignored in the article.

Yes, podcasts required thought in the noughties. If you wanted to listen in your car you had to have downloaded them to your mobile device first, but people did that regularly, and it whiled away the many hours of M25 travel that I endured. Listener numbers increased and podcast converences abounded. I’ve lost count of how many events are now labeld as the “first” podcast conference. That happened in 2006 people!!

Nowadays everyone that is a commedian, a musician, or a celebrity seems to be hosting their own podcast. I say “hosting” but they’re not doing it for love of their field. They wouldn’t do it if they weren’t paid, and “season 2” depends on the success of “season 1”. Technology makes listenening easier, but increasingly content is corporate, or aimed at selling tickets for a show.

Remember there are people like Rowley and like me, who were playing this game many many years ago. We made some money from adverts, but we do it for love.  Put that in your article Mr Robertson.


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PCP#600 (Part 1) … Music and Mumblings (2006 – 2010) …

Music and Mumblings (2006 – 2010)…… with interviews and tracks by … The Wanted, The Den Collective, The Pocket Gods, Sky Larkn, Secret Archives of the Vatican, The Bavarian Druglords, Betty and the Warewolves, Skint and Demoralised, Dubmatix, Citizen Sound, Don Letts, Dan Donovan, Prince Blanco, Mighty Howard, Aldubb, Vinyl Chord, Voide, Pixieguts, Rowley Cutler, My Toys Like Me.

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-NT-NC-ND 4.0) License 

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Soon everyone will be a Podcaster…

According to Murderous Maths, when Elvis Presley died in 1977, it’s estimated there were about 170 people impersonating him. This number grew and grew and in the year 2,000 it was estimated there were about 85,000 Elvis impersonators. And in 2043 that number is projected to be 9,447,645,907 ,which is roughly the projected poulation of the Earth.

There’s been a big increase in celebrities creating (or planning on creating) podcasts in the last few weeks.  Ralf Little, Susan Calman and David Tennant in just the last week.

When podcasting first started in 2004 there were very few UK podcasters. Rowley Cutler did Dark Compass, Richard Vobes did the Vobes Show and Green Gragon (aka Martin Devaughn) did Bytesize Bonus.  The first podcasts I heard were Tane Piper’s Tripcast Radio and Phil Coyne’s Bitjobs for the Masses, which inspired me to start PC Podcast.  Thankfully Rowley and I are still around, and we were both part of the podcast “revolution” that Podshow|Mevio were going to mastermind, but which eventually closed, along with the Podsafe Music Network.

After, what I consider to be a “low” period (2011 – 2016) when a lot of podcasting resources and podcasts closed down, leaving only the real enthusiasts|technicians to keep plodding away, we do seem to have a new resurgance.

I’m not expecting this resurgance to mean everyone will be a Podcaster and an Elvis Impersonator, as that would be some repetative content, but lets hope this new wave will be interesting!

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Meet the new boss…

My time as holder of the Personality category in the European Podcast Awards has gracefully now come to an end. The 2011 award winners were announced this morning and the awards for the categories go to…

  • Blick über den Tellerrand (See The Bigger Picture) won the German National and the European Business Category.
  • Answer Me This! Conratulations! You’ve won the UK National and the European Professional Category.
  • Esta peli ya la he visto (This Movie I saw) Conratulations! You’ve won the Spanish National and the European Personality Category.
  • The Faroe Islands Podcast Conratulations! You’ve won the Danish National and the European Non-Profit Category.

Really great news for all concerned. Over 1million votes cast this year, which just goes to show podcasts are clearly still as important as they ever were.

And there was a fantastic showing from our old friend, Rowley Cutler from Dark Compass, DCMS, Made In The UK and AMP, who won the UK National award for Personality Category, for the Dark Compass Podcast.

I’m going to try and hook-up with Rowley for a chat this evening, which will go into this week’s PC Podcast.

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AMP Podcasts – 5 in Top 20

It’s nice to learn that not only did I manage to win an award in the European Podcasting Awards for 2010, but also 4 other members of the Association of Music Podcasting got into the Top 20 as well!  Big up to Justin Wayne, Grant Mason, Peter Clitheroe Rowley Cutler!

1 PC Podcast with Pete Cogle
5 The Justin Wayne Show – Independent Radio for Independent Music
Author: Justin Wayne
12 Three From Leith
Author: Grant Mason
15 Suffolk ‘n’ Cool
Author: Peter Clitheroe
16 The DarkCompass Metal Show
Author: Rowley Cutler
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