Hello and welcome to the first podcast from me, Pete Cogle. I’m new to podcasting, but I’m really interested in what you can do with podcasts to get new music to the masses in minutes.

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Podcast 1 Playlist
1.What if’s and maybe’s by Bromhead’s Jacket.
Some Indie from the Sheffield 3 piece band, in the style of the Arctic Monkeys. Nice. From the single “What If’s and Maybe’s” and downloaded from the band’s website
2.Pearls’s Girl by Underworld.
A classy electronic dance groove from the Album “Second Toughest in the Infants”. This version downloaded from the band’s website a couple of years ago, and taken from the “Blue Mountain” concert
3. Dhol Rinse by Asian Dub Foundation.
Bhangra style beats from the album “Enemy of the Enemy”. This version downloaded from the band’s website
4. Beauty by A Black City.
Trip-hop style grooves from Nick Dwyer, based in Brighton. As yet unsigned. This version downloaded from the band website.
5. Juggernaut by Groundation.
Roots reggae from the Leicester cult band. This came from a one-off single I picked up at a gig at Leicester Polytechnic in 1981. I’ve loved it ever since, although I can’t find out any more about the band on the internet