Welcome to PC Podcast #5.

This week I’ve seen a lot more interest in the show, both from subscribers to the feed and also from artists
submitting work to be aired. Thanks everyone! I hope you will enjoy the latest selection of tracks.

If you’d like to submit or recommend songs for future shows please email me at pete_cogle@hotmail.com

Web Site: https://petecogle.com/blog

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Podcast 5 Playlist

1. Silhouette Sunshine by The Wanted

Kicking off the show with yet another great new sheffield band. This track downloaded from the nice collection
of MP3s available from https://www.soundclick.com/

2. Second Chance (Version) by Pama International

Ska from an all-star collective including members of The Specials, Madness, Galliano, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Steel
Pulse, Style Council & Pop Will Eat Itself.. This track taken from the forthcoming EP "Dub Store Special",
and downloaded from https://www.pamainternational.co.uk/

3. The Fall by In So Far

Anothyer track from the Surrey rock band. This was the band’s last single. Checkout the band’s tracks at https://www.myspace.com/isf and https://www.insofar.co.uk/

4. On the Edge of the Blues by Matt

Excellent instrumental blues guitar. Checkout Matt’s sites at https://music.download.com/mattthorpe/
and https://onlinerock.com/musicians/mattthorpe/

5. Love Revoution by All Mighty Whispers

Melodic tune from the French/English 3 piece. Downloaded from https://www.allmightywhispers.com/

6. Rudiments by Milburn

Yet another Sheffield band, bringing us more yorkshire indie rock. Check out https://www.milburnmusic.com/
and https://www.myspace.com

7. Disco Dread by Mista Brown

Another track from theie debut single, "Inner Harmony", the demo version you can find at https://www.myspace.com/mistabrownuk.
Check out the band’s website at https://www.mistabrown.com/. This track
submitted by the band, who now comprise Brian Amos (stunning vocals), Aemon Downs, Matt Osman (ex-Suede) and Martin
Duffy (from Primal Scream) guesting.

8. Easier by Touriste

Another great melodic indie rock from the Isle of Sheppey 4 piece. Checkout the band’s website at https://www.touriste.co.uk/.
This track downloaded from the myspace at https://www.myspace.com/touriste.

9. 500 Miles by Koopa

A great indie rock cover of the Proclaimers hit from the Colchester trio. Checkout the band’s webiste at https://www.koopatheband.com/ . This track downloaded from https://www.myspace.com/koopa.

10. Colured Soil by THMA (featuring Manjhima)

This is a bengali folk song in a dub reggae style interpretation, with vocals by Manjhima, and is the Track
from the "Coloured Soil" album by THMA (a.k.a Thomas Mahler) from Germany. Downloaded from https://www.soundclick.com/bands/thma

This work is licensed under a Creative
Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike2.5 License