Calling JP Ranagaswami

The bat signal is in the sky. Mike Seyfang and Dave (LifeKludger) Wallace are calling JP Rangaswami. JP is the CIO of British Telecom’s Global Service and has been blogging at, which attracted the attendion of Mike and Dave.

So why don’t they post a comment on his blog, or send him an email. Why not call him on the telephone or send him a letter?

Nah! Too easy. They want to use the “Space Telephone”. A concert introduced by Dave Slusher over at Evil Genius Chroncles, whereby you use the podosphere/blogosphere to send a “shout” out to the person you want to talk to and let your listeners/fellow bloggers/fellow podcasters do the same, so that eventually someone within JP’s sphere of influence will send a shout directly to the man himself.

But why do this?  Well Dave Wallace has been a C4 Quadriplegic since a motor vehicle accident in 1981. He’s committed to making life work (hence the kludge part in lifekludger) and pretty sure that for every problem, there’s someone out there who has a solution, or just a kludge, to fix that problem. We now have the technology to enable people from around the world engage in that process.

So here’s my blog shout, and you can hear my podcast shout at or download from here. Have a listen and if you know JP, or someone who may know JP then give them a shout via your method of choice and we’ll see if this experiment works!

Stay tuned for updates!