I’m featured on PodfinderUK show #9…

PodFinder is an innovative directory of podcasts, video shows and new media programming produced by PodShow UK. Each week the video show Podfinder UK.

Josephine Laurence has the job of guiding you through some of the growing legion of online shows out there. Every day we are seeing more and more shows been uploaded here at Podshow central. From the truly off the wall barking mad, to the surreal, to the relaxing, to the hot and sexy, to the shows that are now even giving the big boy broadcasters a run for their money. Each week the video show Podfinder UK reviews six of the best podcasts and videoblogs on the web.

Josephine Laurence takes a peek at the best in podcasts and videoblogs starting off with the long running Insane Films, followed by some zany comic antics from the Great Britain gang and Lynn Parsons. Plus music from Pete Cogle, chat from Aycliffe Podcast and a sports video show courtesy of Football Focus.

Theme tune Brand New Lover Hikarate mix by Quinn available at music.podshow.com.

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