Working at home today, after an exhausting week and now I have a splitting headache brought on by too much caffene and dub reggae. Nevertheless today is marked by two important events. Firstly (and most importantly) I’ve been married to my lovely wife for 22 years today, and it simultaneously seems like yesterday since we got married and it seems like we’ve been married forever.

Secondly, I’me out gigging again for the third time in less than 9 days, this time to see one of my longstanding podcast contributors, The Den Collective, who are playing only their second gig in The Dirty South, in Lewisham, South London, as support for Tom Hingley, ex-frontman of the Inspiral Carpets. It’s going to be one of those awkward, but nice, moments when you finally meet someone face-to-face who you’ve only communicated with in a virtual world. Sadly not all the band can make it tonight, so I’m not quite sure how they’re going to perform their set, but lets see how they get on.

Obviously I’m going to record an interview and some of the live vibe, but if you can’t wait then checkout the player below for a few choons…..

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