A PC Podcast special: An evening with the Den Collective

  • Stuart Thomson (Tamo) – Vocals/Guitar/Pipes/Synth
  • Andrew Rattrie (Ratz) – Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Organ/Percussion/Drums
  • James Sommervile (Smy) – Guitar/Piano
  • Mike Quigley (The Master) – Guitar/Synth
  • Euan Smith – Bass

All the way from Kinross in Scotland, the Den Collective came down to play only their second ever gig at “The Dirty South in Lewisham, South London. Despite missing their drummer Ratz and bassist Euan, the Tamo, Mike and Smy, in a moment of supreme confidence or utter stupidity, decided to play the gig regardless. Having roped in Craig on acoustic guitar, the band met up with associated liggers, Sieve, Omar, Lucia, Catherine and yours truly, and headed off for covent garden for a couple of beers before the gig. Checkout the podcast for music and conversation as we head to the gig.

Podcast Playlist

  • Get By.
  • She Talks To Me.
  • Phenomenology.
  • Mr Johnny Cash.
  • Greatest Day.
  • We’ll Be Fine.