Taken me a while to get the photos together from last week, but here they are…

The view from my hotel room - Budapest Castle The view from my hotel room - Buda castle at night

Here are a few views from my business trip to Budapest, Hungary, starting with the view from my bedroom window in the Budapest Hilton across to a tower of the old Buda Castle.

Budapest Castle

More views of Buda Castle (above) and a church being restored (below), with amazing mosaic tiles. Someone said that all the churches with mosaic like this have been converted into museums. Not sure if it’s true.

Church Restoration

Budapest Castle

King and Queen in the Labyrinth

We visited the Labyrinth, which are basically caves hewn from the rock under Buda castle, and which now serve as a restaurant for tourists.  As part of the medeaval banquet we were joined by the (mock) King and Queen (above), some belly dancing girls, complete with snake and fire eater (below).

Fire Eater in the Labyrinth

The view (below) from Buda Castle (on the Buda side of the river Danube) to the Budapest Parliament Building (on the Pest side of the river Danube).

Budapest Parliament Building

Moving to another hotel, this time the New York Palace Hotel, in Pest. This is the view (below) from outside.

Budapest New York Palace Hotel

And this was the view from inside.

Budapest New York Palace Hotel