An average Monday Night in Brighton? Nah, tonight was back to Concorde2 for the New Young Pony Club, with my daughter. The gig has been postponed after lead singer, Tahita, had throat problem earlier in the tour, so they were really apologetic. Never fear, we had a great time, with all the hits from the "Fantastic Playroom" album, like "Ice Cream" and "The Bomb", plus some covers such as Squeeze’s "Take Me I’m Yours" (weird choice) and "Pump Up the Jam" (oh yes!!!) which has the joint rocking.

The drummer, Sarah (above right) was excellent, with a deceptively understated performance, making the most complicated rolls and fills seem easy, when I know, dear reader, they were far from that easy.

Left tired, sweaty and perfectly fulfilled. Back in 6 days for Asian Dub Foundation!  Life begins at 46!