Academy Mobile Day - Panel 2

So, it was Academy Mobile Day on Friday and a good day was had by all. The event was specifically marked by two podcasting panels, which were video’d and streamed across the Microsoft Corporate Network as well as being show on the TV screens in the restaurants. (enough to put anyone off their lunch – Ed).

Session One featured Dave Coplin, who was the main organiser of the event, plus Tony Cocks, who despite being a Microsoftie, is a hobbyist podcaster like myself, and producer of the Binge Thinking History Podcast.  Also in the line-up was John Buckley (Citizen Journalist and producer of the Citizen Scoop podcast, among others) as well as yours truly. We talked about podcasting past, present and future and how anyone can produce their own podcast.

Session Two (above) featured Dave Coplin, Ludovic Fourrage, Rob Gray and Phil Morel and focused on the technology behind Academy Mobile and where it’s going in the future.

John Buckley and Tony Cocks

I’ll bring you some of the audio and video as soon as it’s ready!