A wail of podcasters?

So what is the collective noun for a collection of podcasters? Well, Mr Snelling, the Grumbling Dragon himself (who, of course wishes his blog to remain anonymous at grumbling-dragon.blogspot.com) suggested that as the collective noun for Whales is a "pod" perhaps the reverse should apply and a collection of podcasters should be known as a "whale" "wail".

And so this small (but perfectly formed, I’m sure you’ll agree) wail of podsters set forth into London to drink, the chat, to marvel at technology these days….. and to drink. What happened next was recorded both in both audio and picture format, and may come to light on a PCP near you soon. That is of course, providing the good audio editing fairy doesn’t throw the whole lot away as meaningless piffle.

Anyway, for those keen to see the "faces good for radio" that turned up we have (L-R): Rowley Cutler from Dark Compass, yours truly, Peter Clitheroe, who is suffolk ‘n’ cool, Colin Gazeley who’s ourobouros podcast contains some infinitely good music, and the old ligger himself, Paul (The Saint) Snelling.