Now who’d have thought it, that my old friend, Mr Paul (The Saint) Snelling (aka The Grumbling Dragon) would finally break his duck and record his first podcast?  Well it seems that a days outing with a wail of other podcasters, (Grumbler and the Wailers, perhaps?) has finally persuaded him to record his first, which you, can find here, or (better still) subscribe to here.

The old fart has made rather a fine attempt at the genre, putting my first attempts truly in the shade, and I hope there will be many more from the grumbling stables!

He does mention that MUMU may stand for:-

But having looked for an appropriate image to decorate this blog post I’ve found that MUMU leads you to:-

Now, the grumbler has been described in many ways, and I’m absolutely sure that the female genetalia have been involved, but I rather like the image of the dog…… small, obedient, well trained, quiet and unlikely to bite. 

ps. what does oxymoron mean?