PCP#203… Geordies, podsters and the case of the missing hat…

  1. Chomsky Mast, by Louis Lingg and the Bombs. Paris, France.
  2. Radiators, by Pilgrim Speakeasy. Finland. [PMN]
  3. Public Servant, by the Legalizers Sound System. UK. [Versionist]
  4. Me And You, by Slow Club. Sheffield, England. [PMN]
  5. Celia, by The Drawbacks. Falköping, Sweden. [Promonet]
  6. We Won’t Go, by Hungry Lucy. Ohio, USA. [PMN]
  7. From the archives: Inner Harmony, by Mista Brown. London, England.
    • First played on PCP#003 on 9th Feb 2006.
  8. Kate’s Kid, by The Cliara L’s. Leeds, England. [Myspace]
  9. Love The World (Sam Roqwell I Sancho Mix), by Karoshi Bros. UK. [Myspace]

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