Hang On Now Youngster!

Ok, so the post title is a joke. If you know Los Campesinos, you’ll know they like using long sentences. Good on them, I say!

So, another great performance in Brighton yesterday. This time at the (slightly larger) Concorde2 venue. I was a little surprised that the place seemed a little empty when I arrived. First on the bill were Esiotrot (that’s Tortoise spelled backwards!) who I’ve heard of, and had a couple of good tracks. Then were Johnny Foreigner, who I know are playing the Great Escape Festival in May and who were good, but a little over-mic’ed and difficult to hear clearly.

LC, were as good as last time, when they played Brighton Komedia, and I definitely got the impression the bands naiivety is starting to wear off. Definitely more "rock and roll" than last time, and a lot more alcohol being consumed by Gareth. Was that really a bottle of wine going down there youngster?  Let’s hope they don’t fall victim to their own success.

I reckon they’re going to go down a storm at the Festivals this summer. Check them out if you get the chance!