And so, another podcasters "social network" has decided to close. This time it’s different and Pete and Emma Cooper, the site’s founders, have made the right decision, in my view. Pete and Emma started up T&P after the unpleasent demise of Britcaster. The britcaster site remains in place and still acts as a directory or "link farm" of new podcasts and episodes, but the forum was shut down after it all became rather unpleasent for it’s founders Neil and Jen Dixon.

Not a great fan of "dissing others in public" I was not a frequent poster at britcaster, and I’ve been pretty much the same at T&P, although T&P has been a fantasically civil place to hang out. As Pete has rightly pointed out the place is now just another "link farm" and is not really adding anything to the community, so it’s time to call it a day.

A big thanks to Pete and Emma for their efforts, and their typical humility encouraging everyone to head over to to see what happens there!

Maybe see you there?