All the tracks in this episode come from A Quiet Bump Netlabel, based in Southern Italy.

  1. Thirsty (Version), by Hotdrop.Madrid, Spain.
  2. Der Blaue Daumen, by Das Kraftfuttermischwerk.Potsdam, Germany. [aqbmp15]
  3. What A Dub, by Moa Anbessa.Venice, Italy. [aqbmp11]
  4. A Train To Roots (2:20pm), by Peak.Irpinia, Italy. [aqbmp10]
  5. Them Never Love Masala, by Vonfoniq.Montpellier, France. [aqbmp16]
  6. Projector, by Morpho.Paris, France. [aqbmp13]
  7. Black Heart, by Jambassa.Irpinia, Italy.[aqbmp12]
  8. Malloreddus Western, by Sardinia Bass Legalize.Sardinia, Italy.[aqbmp14]

This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike2.5 License.

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